January 02, 2021

If I put the pandemic aside, 2020 was a great year!

  1. We (students) had more time than ever to do whatever we want. Schools switched online, we stopped losing time commuting, which allowed us to experiment with our free time.
  2. Technology advanced rapidly, which I believe will change our lives for the better. More and more people are convinced by it and trust it.
  3. Medicine and healthcare experienced a significant adoption of technology. This will open up access to healthcare for more people and improve it.

I benefitted most from more time with medical school from home. This allowed me to invest time in my “side-projects” that teach me incredible things. Medical Notes started taking shape in March 2020 and quickly became the centre-piece of my activity online.

I believe 2021 will be even better for it and I already took the first steps. Medical Notes is now 100% free and growing faster than ever.

Visit this link to subscribe for free to subscribe.

And may 2021 a great year!

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