A Car Doesn’t Run Without Gasoline

No I'm not going to explain to you how an internal combustion engine works. Let's say a car is just a metaphor for my lack of writing lately.

A Car Doesn’t Run Without Gasoline

I haven’t been writing much lately. Partly, because I wanted to focus more on school and partly because I didn’t know what to write about. Let’s say I experienced a “writer’s block”. Or did I?

Then, I got an interesting email. A couple of months ago I contacted Darius Foroux after reading his book. I sent him some questions hoping he could answer them. This “interview” would then be published on my blog. It turns out he liked the questions and wanted to publish the interview on his website. Also, I took in his writing course.

It was the first course I took of such nature and I loved it. And that’s when I realised why I’m experiencing the “writer’s block”. A couple of months ago I was a bit overwhelmed with everything. That's why I decided to unsubscribe from most newsletters I read. These newsletters were full of wisdom and interesting stuff, which in turn gave me ideas for my posts.

Well, that was now gone. I had no input and yet I expected an output. In other words, if we don’t put something in our brain to think about, we can’t expect something new to come out. You don’t expect a car to drive without gasoline (or electricity) in it, do you?

I knew I needed to increase my input, so how did I do it? Firstly, I subscribed to a few newsletters such as Farnam Street’s Brain Food. Secondly, I started reading more again on my Kindle.

Input is one thing, but what about the processing of this input? I can’t copy what others are doing. But I can use it as a means of thinking and resource for new ideas. This is where Notion comes in. I mentioned it a couple of times before and it serves the purpose perfectly.

So yes, to increase your output, two things must happen:

  1. Increase of input of valuable information
  2. This information needs to be stored processed and mixed up (in apps such as Notion)
If I think about it now, there is no writer’s block. There’s only an information block.

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