November 24, 2020

Leverage the Power of the Internet

The other day I listened to a podcast episode of Big Picture Medicine, which every medical student should listen to.

He interviewed Yusef Smith, a doctor and the co-founder of Propane Fitness, which teach people how to upgrade their physique. The internet business is hugely successful and exceeds his doctor’s salary.

The most valuable idea to me was this. You can optimise for:

  1. Freedom of time
  2. Freedom of location
  3. Satisfaction and impact
  4. Money

Each profession/job has these in different proportions. But it might not be wise to optimise for just one thing. You might realise you want more time instead of more money. Or that maybe you want to work remotely instead of having a huge impact on society.

I think that here’s where the internet can help you once again. It gives you a chance to fill the gaps that you need to be satisfied.

Leverage the power of the internet.

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