April 03, 2021

Make your content work for you

One piece of advice that we often hear about money is that “money has to work for us, not the other way around”. It has to be the same with all the content you produce.

Write quality posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and most importantly your blog.

Posts on social media eventually get lost. Posts on the web keep getting found via Google and SEO, you keep getting discovered.

That’s why, in addition to posting on social media, upload everything on your website/blog (and the other way around).

Put in the work once and let it work for you.

Here's an example...

I haven’t been publishing anything online for the last 3 months. I wasn’t active on social media and didn’t write a new newsletter issue (exams).

But I noticed that despite the lack of content creation, the list of Medical Notes subscribers grew and surpassed the number of my followers on Twitter.🤯

What do I make of this?

  1. Whatever you create on the internet eventually starts working for you while you sleep (or study for that matter). Provided that you own your content (not Medium or Substack), leverage the power of SEO and have some patience with Google.
  2. A massive following is not a prerequisite for growing your email list (or subscribers on YouTube). It sure helps if you have a big following, but it’s also possible to manage without it. I think the growth is more sustainable and manageable this way.

The bottom line: create and publish even if you plan on taking short breaks along the way. Consistency goes a long way, but your priorities need to be in place.

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