March 15, 2021

Medical Notes Turns One

One year ago today I wrote the first issue of Medical Notes. I put together some links and sent them to 18 subscribers from my old newsletter. I later switched to writing about digital health. The number today is 113 (+628%).

The absolute number might not look like a lot. But it makes 113 a giant success when considering that my social media following is not big and the fact that most of the followers and connections came because of Medical Notes.

What did I learn during this year?

  1. Building and writing are easier than marketing, but great content requires great marketing.
  2. Starting a paid newsletter with a small audience is almost impossible, but worth a shot.
  3. The number of subscribers doesn’t matter if they don’t open your emails.
  4. You’ll be consistent if you enjoy the topic, but don’t stress if you miss an issue here or there.
  5. Ghost CMS is wonderful for newsletters.

Would I change anything? Nope, I learned way too much.

What can I do differently? Promote more and write less code.

What’s next? I’ll write it until I have the will and joy to do so. We’ll see after that.

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