March 15, 2021

Medical Notes Website Redesign

Medical Notes has a new look!

It just felt right to create a new design for one year of existence.

What’s new? Homepage and issue archive page. Check it out!

For the web-design nerds out there:

  • A network-like background image instead of the old yellow background. Keeps brand colours, but makes it cleaner and prettier.
  • Screenshot of an actual email I sent instead of an illustration —> to showcase how the product looks like.
  • The first (and strongest) testimonial moved above the fold, so it’s immediately seen.
  • The new font is “Inter”. Key info emphasised with brand colour.
  • Other testimonials more seamlessly integrated into the design.
  • The well-known illustration remains!
  • Some numbers at the bottom to (hopefully) convert more visitors.
  • The issues archive page now emphasises featured posts at the top and makes other ones easier to navigate.
  • The Ghost portal button in the bottom-right corner now also says “Subscribe”. This is again to reduce the need for buttons around the site.
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