December 15, 2020

Must Have Online Skills

These are the skills I find super useful for creating online. I’m actively striving to improve myself at all of them.

  • Designing beautiful landing pages - one of the best and simplest skills to learn today. It’s as simple as signing up for a no-code platform and making a landing page for you personally, for a project, idea or an event. It gives you credibility.
  • Simple coding - learn HTML and CSS…which you can do in less than a week. In my opinion, this makes web-design more custom and faster…better.
  • Writing - if you don’t want to learn to code, learn to write. It will always be relevant and useful. It’s perfect because you can do so much with so little - fast for you and the person consuming it.
  • Touch typing - a skill that connects all the above. Enrol in a course on YouTube and learn to type with all of your fingers. Once you do so, learn to type without looking at your keyboard. You’ll create things even faster online. (Also, get an excellent keyboard.)

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