A Newsletter That Taught Me Some Important Lessons

Since launching the Sunday MashUp about a month ago, I learned 2 very important lessons about creating content

A Newsletter That Taught Me Some Important Lessons

1) The choice of topic is the most important thing. Not only for your audience but for yourself. Only now do I realize that the emails I've been sending out previously didn't entirely communicate what I do and stand for. Sure I'm interested in a lot of areas, but my true passion is medicine and what's happening there. Since I shifted my focus on writing about medicine-related topics, I create content more easily and with more satisfaction. I believe this results in better content and ultimately new subscribers and followers.

As a result, my email list has grown at a substantially greater rate than in the entire history of my blog.

2) Email is far from dead. It's easy to think about email as an ageing technology, but at the same time, it's the most essential one. Everyone you want to reach probably has email. Not everyone you want to reach has the newest social media platform. Even more, by sending emails, you have a direct connection to someone's personal inbox. Therefore, the most valuable thing you can do with any of your websites, products, services or a simple blog is maintaining an email list you can send to.

As the Sunday MashUp comes into week No. 4, I couldn't be more excited about what's to come. But the most satisfying part is that I get to learn so much new stuff and then share it with my subscribers.

If you' re someone who's interested, subscribe below or learn more about it.

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