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Bullet Journal: An Extension of Your Thoughts

Bullet Journal is a notebook that strives to replace your phone's to-do list and notes and keep everything in one place chronologically. It's a medium for emptying my head to focus on what matters.

2 min read Thinking

How I Read Better and Learn More From What I Read

When I read I always strive to learn something new. So what good does it make to read a lot and get nothing in return? Over the past few months I developed a system of reading that works for me and can work for you too.

7 min read Learning

Steve Jobs: Greatest Lessons From The Man Behind Apple

Being an Apple fan these days isn't easy. It's much better to be a Steve Jobs fan. A perfectionist visionary that constructed the life of technology we know today. This article isn't about the features and failures of the latest iPhone. It's about Steve Jobs.

5 min read Thinking

The Gradus Model of Efficiency: Achieve Your Vision

Were it not great if we had a model that makes your work count gradually, step by step, in the long run. Then the what we invest would show, eventually. A model to focus on what's important - yourself.

6 min read Success

Why Should You Focus On Yourself?

For the last 6 months or so, I’ve been writing about getting better. But within this context of better, I also realised that there’s another vital thing to keep in mind and an area I want to devote more of my writing to. That is, focusing on yourself.

4 min read Thinking

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