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Top-Down And Bottom-Up Learning

There are two learning principles that you simply have to pay attention to: bottom-up and top-down learning. One produces knowledge for the learner and the other distributes it to the learner. They're all around us and you can use them too.

5 min read Learning

Failure Is The Driving Force Of Improvement

Many successful people say that one cannot succeed without failure first. It's very similar in big industries such as aviation and healthcare. But that doesn't mean that you cannot include it in your lifestyle. Quite the opposite - you should.

5 min read Thinking

Compounding Knowledge: Going Wide or Deep?

Compounding knowledge is the gradual accumulation of knowledge that builds upon itself. It holds true for both wide and deep learning. Warren Buffet is a great example of going deep, whereas Roger Federer first went wide. But which is better?

4 min read Learning

Compound Interest: The Most Important Equation In History

Equations are a way of understanding and explaining the world around us. But the most important one to truly understand is the compound interest equation. Easy to understand, broadly applicable, and capable of achieving remarkable results.

4 min read Thinking

How Morning Habits Determine Your Day

Many successful people emphasise the role of morning habits in their success. They are highly suggested among psychologists and scientists. The truth, however, lies in each individual.

6 min read Success

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