December 18, 2020

Start Before You're Ready

After Neuralink presented their progress, social media blew up.

I found comments from Andrew Jackson, a Professor of Neural Interfaces, Newcastle University, fascinating:

  1. Nothing revolutionary except for the robotic implantation.
  2. Underwhelming demonstrations of brain data and questioning the “writing” ability of the device.
  3. Solid engineering but mediocre neuroscience.

Sure I’m a huge Elon Musk fan and support adoption of tech in medicine. That’s my bias. But what’s the point of advanced medical research if ideas are not brought into fruition?

Sure the idea of “writing” to the brain with a device and maybe even curing neurological diseases is far-fetched, but at least it’s a start. At least things are moving.

When observing Musk’s companies, it’s always this way. A vacuum tunnel for ultra-fast transportation under the ground in an earthquake-prone area such as California? Sure, it’s not safe, but it will be eventually.

Man on Mars with reusable rockets? Yeah, we’re (I mean Musk) getting pretty close.

Be proactive, actionable, brave and do stuff. Observing Musk, success will follow.

And maybe read the Medical Notes issue about Neuralink.

Fitbit For Your Brain
One of the most anticipated progress updates this year blew our minds. Neuralink applies in prctice what’s been forgotten in neuroscience for years.

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