Welcome, I'm a medical student who writes. I write about thoughts I currently can't shake.


Hi there, my name is Martin. Thanks for visiting my internet home.

I'm a medical student, blogger, basketball player and musician from Slovenia. Apart from that, I adore reading, windsurfing, web-design and tech.

Me in 10 seconds? Here I go:

  1. Places: Vienna, Holland, San Francisco
  2. Sports: Basketball and windsurfing
  3. Athletes: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Marcel Hirscher
  4. Music: Queen and Sinatra
  5. Book: Why We Sleep
  6. Languages: Slovene, English, German, Croatian
  7. Tech: Kindle and Mac
  8. Quote: "I accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I cannot accept not trying." - Michael Jordan

I combine my experiences and thoughts into interesting and insightful reads. Whether it's a short thought or a longer analysis, I take it on as a challenge to write better. My ultimate goal is for you to understand the details but have a general picture.

Here, you'll find posts about medicine, thinking, learning and more as I continue to write and develop my blog.

A few links to get you started:

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  4. Here's how I read: How I Read Better and Learn More From What I Read
  5. That's my take on success: Genes, Culture and How Wrong We Can Be About Success
  6. Interested in why coffee wakes you up?: How Does a Cup of Coffee Keep You Awake?

Speaking of coffee...

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