Thinking in different ways can show us a ​different perspective on our life. There is no unanimous thinking that's objectively better. It's rather specific to each person. But exploring and trying out new styles of thinking leads to new challenges.

Making Ourselves Accountable

Blaming someone or something else for what happened is easy, but we do not affect that. Making ourselves accountable, however, is tough, but in my experience, beneficial. We affect ourselves.

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Why Note-Taking Is Better Than Memorising

You know, that great idea for your next article, tweet or present for a friend you thought of the other day and then forgot about it? How many times has it happened to you? If you're lucky, it comes back to you, but usually not in the right moment.

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Why It Matters To Acknowledge Cognitive Dissonance?

Cognitive dissonance happens to us daily. It makes us uneasy and we then try to fight it by deluding ourselves. Usually, we can't do much about it. But what we can do is to acknowledge it and change our behaviour and thinking.

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The Power Of Choice

Every day, we can choose how we feel and what we do. We can affect our mood and actions for better or for worse. More often than not we're stuck in our own mindset, refusing to escape it.

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Bullet Journal: An Extension of Your Thoughts

Bullet Journal is a notebook that strives to replace your phone's to-do list and notes and keep everything in one place chronologically. It's a medium for emptying my head to focus on what matters.

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