These are all the tools I use to power my life.


  1. Kindle - the best and most efficient way of reading books. You have access to thousands of them instantly. It just brings books so much closer to you that it's easy to pick them up hard to put them down.
  2. Readwise - a lot of reading equals a lot of information. But why would you just fill yourself with information that you can't remember? Readwise has an answer. It syncs all your highlights and emails them to you according to your wants. Use this link to sign up.


  1. Leuchturm 1917 - I start my writing process the old-fashioned way...with a pen and notebook. Leuchturm makes the best quality notebooks I've ever seen, which makes them a joy to write in.
  2. Ulysses - this is my new go-to editing app. It's clean, integrates with Ghost and Medium and they have a student discount.


  1. Ghost - a brilliant CMS for blogging. It has everything you need, it's lightweight, fresh and keeps getting better and better. This is how I run Medical Notes.
  2. Digital Ocean - an awesome and cheap way to host your website, including Ghost. And it's even cheaper with this link that gives you $100 of credit for 2 months to get you started.
  3. ConvertKit - this is my favourite email newsletter tool out there. It's made for and by bloggers. Especially because they recently introduced a freemium version of it. With my link, you can get it for free for 100 subscribers as well. If you're more serious about it, you can also opt-in for a paid version with this link and help this site without cost increase for you.
  4. Buy Me A Coffee - an awesome page that let's you collect donations in form of coffees. Sign up with this link to give me a coffee and start earning!


  1. I make my lecture notes with a good old pen and paper.
  2. Notion - I use this app for any other kind of note-taking. This is a great app that lets you make pretty much anything you want. You can collaborate, write, plan, organise and more. I like its simplistic structure the most.


  1. Dropbox - the best cross-platform cloud storage out there. Fast, reliable and responsive.Give us both 500MB for free using my link.
  2. N26 - Online bank I use for pretty much everything. It's flexible, without fees and secure. Their app is great for quick transactions and even easier if you're friends also have their account. Using this link you will earn us both €50 when you spend €50.
  3. 1Password - This is what I use as my password manager. It's the best choice out there - secure, cross-platform and reliable. I recommend it for anyone who has a lot of passwords and wants them to be secure.
  4. Shield Analytics - Analytics I use to optimise my LinkedIn content. Simple, beautiful, effective and useful. I highly recommend using them if you're into LinkedIn.
  5. Twetch - A decentralised and private social network based on bitcoin. This is the future.
  6. Todoist - My favourite to-do list application that makes and keeps me on top of my daily tasks.

Some links are of affiliate nature.