A couple of weeks ago, David Perell shared this tweet:

So, why have a website instead of just social media profiles?

Because you can be you. You can differentiate yourself from others and share your thoughts in any way you want. It also gives you freedom to post what you want in any way you want. A set of rules made up by a company don’t limit you.

It’s easy to create a LinkedIn profile or write on Medium. But you don’t have to be interested in easy. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Just buying a domain, setting up a website and writing can teach you so many valuable skills. Marketing, design, copywriting. Maybe even a little coding. You start getting an idea of how the internet works. You'll start seeing opportunities everywhere you look. These are all skills that will give you an advantage because not everyone has them. And if you haven’t noticed, anyone important is on the web (but everyone is on social media). Stand out of the crowd.

For me, having a website and writing online has been crucial for my development. It forced me to live out of my comfort zone and share my thought with people. At the same time, it made me more conscious and convinced in my ideas. As a result, I stopped caring what other people think about me.

Writing also distils your thoughts. It forces you to think about them and think about how to convey them to your audience. Even as I’m writing this post, I’m developing the idea of what I want to say. When I publish, I learn something new as well.

Now we come back to the original tweet and the photo posted with it (see below). Don't follow this diagram, but take it into account. You don't have to stress about it, I also don't have a perfect welcome section just yet.

But articles are more important. If you only share what you think very good about, you can impress people with your very best posts. This gives you an infinite amount of opportunities. Certainly, more than if you don’t write online.

By David Perell on Twitter

Although you have to invest some time and money into creating a website, you can make it easier for yourself. But how?

Don’t think too much about the name and domain. Go for “Your name” dot com. Use Namecheap to register the domain.

People generally connect with people, so don’t be afraid to expose yourself. James Clear built his email list to 2 million people under his name. But no one is stopping you from using your nickname or pseudonym.

Think even less about the platform and use Ghost:

  1. By far the best publishing experience
  2. You don’t have to use another tool for emails
  3. Inexpensive hosting and cheaper if you self-host
  4. Solo theme is similar to David Perell’s format (see tweet above)
  5. And, constantly improving👇
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