Consciously follow interesting, successful and aspirational individuals. Follow them on social media, listen to the podcasts they appear on and read the articles they write. There's an infinite supply of information about them online. Ignore the rest.

Additionally, try to avoid the algorithms. Don't fall for the "For you" tabs. There's a reason why they're there - to brainwash you. This method is so effective in changing your mindset and how you think that big tech is based on it. A side effect is that you will stop spending time on social media.

With an internet connection and a few rules, anyone can change their mindset and learn almost anything they want to by following intriguing people. Here are some of my examples: Tim Ferriss, Naval Ravikant, David Perell, Morgan Housel.

Most of us spend at least some amount of time on social media, some of us too much. Why not at least make the most of it?