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I'm Martin Verbic, a medical student, basketball player and musician. This website serves as a blog, portfolio and a collection of things I do.

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Reflecting On a Year Of Coding and Blogging

After a year of blogging and coding I realised how much I learned in the process. This article focuses on what exactly this has been. I like to think it's not just another article on the web, but rather a valuable reflection for anyone who has ever considered blogging.

How I Read Better and Learn More From What I Read

When I read I always strive to learn something new. So what good does it make to read a lot and get nothing in return? Over the past few months I developed a system of reading that works for me and can work for you too.

Failure Is The Driving Force Of Improvement

Many successful people say that one cannot succeed without failure first. It's very similar in big industries such as aviation and healthcare. But that doesn't mean that you cannot include it in your lifestyle. Quite the opposite - you should.

The Most Useful Memorisation Techniques Explained

MedAT is a rigorous medical school admissions exam performed by medical schools in Austria to choose their top 10% of candidates. One task involves memorising 8 patient records in 8 minutes. How to achieve such levels of memorisation, integrate the techniques and apply them? Find out here.

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👨‍⚕️ Medical Notes

This is an experimental website about educating medical students to enter the digital age of medicine. It will start if it gets enough interest.

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