Medical student. Creating things online.

Martin Verbic

I'm a medical student from Slovenia. My other passions are basketball, reading, music, writitng, design and web-development. That's why I create things online.

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A premium curated newsletter about digital health. It filters the noise and delivers the most important ideas and developments from the web and medicine to your inbox. See what Medical Notes is all about.

Microblog - Coming soon

I treat this like an independent Twitter account. These are short bursts of ideas that I have during the day. Not much longer than a tweet.

Start publishing online

This is a detailed guide I wrote on how to start publishing online today and without significant expenses. I'm biased towards independence and control, so this is about setting up a blog on Ghost. Read it here.

An even more detailed course is coming soon!


The tools I use to power my life. From publishing to school and finance. See the list here.

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